Pauline Amos

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Edicions H. Jenninger, La Pobla de Benifassà
Amos works, London
LEADAPRON, Los Angeles
Tenderpixel Gallery, London, W1


 Amos : ' I put my self in the painting and become part of it . The paintings are documents and a recording of an event that happened -  the action, the performance, the life, the improvised and impulsive moment is the work'


circa 1999
My Flesh My Canvas performance; audience paints on flesh of artist during a Painting Performance;‘ the world imposes itself, some of it good some of it bad – we own and are the canvas that is to be composed and structured and painted upon '
circa 2000 Education; 2004 PhD- Dartington College of Arts; April 2004 Title of thesis: Self (ish) Fusion Thinking and Practice a (mainly) Visual Investigation of Poly-modal Art-Making. Supervised by Prof. Edward Cowie/ Peter Randall Page. 2000 Master of Arts, Visual Performance and Time Based Media, Dartington College of Arts 1986 B.A. (Hon.) Design for Communication Media - Manchester Metropolitan University 1983 Foundation Art College at Liverpool Polytechnic 2005 Exhibition ;The Great Barn Gallery, Ashton, Exeter. Performance and works with Josep Vallribera & Tony Moore La Pobla de Benifassa, Spain; Collaborative work and edition for H. Jenninger Editions. Exhibition of work from ‘Opera Paese-Rome’ – Home House, Portman Square, London. Henning & Amos; Exhibition of collaborative works with Henning Hegland; Home House, Portman Square, London. 2004; Exhibition of work from ‘Opera Paese-Rome’ , The Great Barn Gallery, Ashton, Exeter. Canvas/sonic/action; performance with John Richards at Dartington International Summer School. Henning & Amos; Action/Exhibition; collaborative work with Henning Hegland, Battersea House Studios, London. 2003 Opera Paese Gallery - Rome; exhibition/24 hour performance, action & interaction; collaboration, exhibition with Tony Moore and Jeff Cloke. 68 Elf Gallery, Exhibition; Cologne, The Air of Virgins and Philistines; action/install - action and exhibition with Chris Sacker. Gablesyard Gallery; Sound and Vision; installation piece. Action/Interaction; performance with Tony Moore, Norwich, Norfolk. 2002 Work; visual and sonic performances; with Tony Moore, Jeff Cloke, Mike McInerney Work, visual and sonic performances Altarpiece - Performance, Belfast, Fix02. performance festival. God - Studio performance with Tony Moore, Pete McPhail, Scotland. Castle - performance, with Pete McPhail Chris Sacker (exhibited in Cologne gallery). Love Letters - Performance with Chris Sacker, Tony Moore, Pete McPhail, Trigony Studio Sonic live -video & live performance with Jeff Cloke and Sam Richards. Damaged Dorothy- Performed composition. Strange Noise Music Festival, Totnes. Seven minutes to Die In. Composed & performed; action/performance, Totnes. 2001 My flesh, My canvas. Performance. Dartington Gallery. Self Made. Performance. Dartington. The Unknown Self. Self flesh self. Performance/short film. Hong Kong. No Self. Performance. Thailand. Basho; my land my field; Performance /installation. Dartington. Exit & Spontaneity. Performance festival circumstantially via Helsinki. 2000 Performances/ actions/ Video Installation; Live & Kicking. Performance. Dartington. Breathing Whole - 2. performance & video installation. Contexture festival Dartington. I had a Dream last night and it Looked Nothing like a Dream. Video installation, Dartington. Ashes. Video and sound installation for sound ecology conference Dartington. Be is for Being. Performance. Dartington. Cube. Performance. Dartington. Graduals. Photographic exhibition. Dartington Compassion for Seen insecurities. A multiplex installation. The Nature of Illusion - in Real Life. Text, video, performance. Animal Party. Video & sound Installation. Red in Tooth & Claw. Video Installation. Dartington. Voyeur. Performed/written/directed/edited short film- shown in Liverpool Film Festival 2001. Say What you Think, Performed/written/directed/edited short film- shown in Liverpool Film Festival Sleeping Baby. Series of installations, Bantham beach, Devon. Deep Sleep.(1); Sleepers.(2); Slow Dreams (3);. Installation, Bantham beach, Devon. Deep Sleep (4) - the movie; Video installation. Dartington Gallery 1998-1999 Video / Installation Artist - Art Director. United Kingdom; multi-media installations. 1997 Founding Member Salva Theatre Company United Kingdom. Production/ performing/ touring. Theatre tours; major national theatres and companies UK. Director –video documentary of Vietnam. Art Director, award winning short film, Royal College of Art. Acting/performance - theatre/television - United Kingdom 1989-1998. Prior to 1988. Illustrator; painter. Recordings Amos Project; C.D. recorded with Tony Moore, Jeff Cloke; Contemporary Art Productions.

Exhibition History

9 july - London - AMOS/GHOST  
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